12 in a nutshell

sunrise @ Stevens Pass Motel

sunrise @ Stevens Pass Motel

The end to 2012 was one of the best in the history of Nelson land. This year in it’s whole, has been both exciting and scary. I began the year with a new occupation and ended it with bruising my ribcage to a severe degree.

In January I began a job that I had only dreamed about getting a chance at. In the beginning it was extremely nerve wracking. I had never been in this position and in fact had no actual education for it besides a few night classes and self teachings. I was madly nervous they would eventually discover I had no idea what I was doing. I started grinding my teeth at night and suffering from strange dreams. Both of which elated my boyfriend at night. He in turn suffered from jabbing me in the side to wake me before I ground my molars down to nothing. I eventually got comfortable in my position, actually became quite good at it and was recently offered a full time position. I really did fake it till I made it. Yay for perseverance and bullshiting my way through life!
Throughout the year I basically reacquainted myself with the 9-5 awesomeness whilst trying to jam as much fun as possible in between.
Spring was spent being stressed out over the new job. Rushing home after work and chugging as much wine as I could drown myself in. I thought leaving bar tending behind would curb my enthusiasm for the devil’s brew, but I was incredibly mistaken.

drive-in magic

By summer, I was pretty comfortable with the job and the warm months were full of kickball, drinking, drive-in movies, BBQ’s, golfing and many more shenanigans.
Autumn was spent mourning over summer. Drive-in movies turned to nights at home on the couch watching Netflix. Golfing on warm summer days turned to golfing in wind and rain while freezing my ass off. Trying to keep warm with mittens and whiskey.

snow day

And then came winter. A love hate relationship. It’s cold as as all get out. Walking my dog in the morning before work leaves me feeling like an icecicle. Being ourtside in general is less than desirable. The only saving grace to winter is:
#1 Whiskey tastes better in the cold, if that’s even possible
#2 Snowboarding
My boyfriend has a love affair every winter with Stevens Pass Resort. Winter is the season that I rarely see him and when I do he’s either talking about how he snowboarded that day or how he wants to go up the next. I’m still pretty new at it myself, so I don’t get as excited as him. Mostly because I’m terrified I’m going to injure myself. Which I inevitably do. Two years in a row I have suffered some stupid accident on the mountain that left me in pain for weeks on end. Last year I bruised my tailbone going up the rope tow. Yup…that’s right I’m really that clumsy. This year was a tad less embarresing and not completely my fualt. Someone crashed in front of me. My ninja skills were a bit rusty and I basically flew four feet and braced my fall with my ribcage. That’s some serious pain. I layed there trying not to cry, got up as quickly as my body would allow and very, very slowly made it down the mountain and back to the car where a nice frosty PBR was waiting for me. With a percocet as my chaser.
Really the most enjoyable part of these snow boarding trips is the Stevens Pass Motel. It’s definitely not someplace you would want to take your mother. Pretty low on the fancy pants meter. Although they do have the essentials. A bed which may or may not feel like a sack of potatoes, hot water, heating and my personal favorite, cable TV. After a hard day of kart wheeling in the snow and breaking your ass, this place is amazing to come home to. Just 30 minutes or so from the mountain, they have cheap rooms, ALLOW PETS, and even have a Mexican restaurant with a pool table across the way.
So that’s where I spent My Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. With fast-food as our dinner both nights since nothing else was open. And that’s how I ended 2012 as well. With champagne in a paper cup, and my favorite man and favorite dog by my side. I honestly don’t think I would have wanted it any other way.