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Client: Publicis Seattle Role: Graphic Designer Creative Director: Alicia Mickes Writer: Kyle Cavanaugh I was tasked with creating an invitation, poster and overall esthetic for Publicis…


It’s been years, I’m ashamed to admit, since I’ve picked up a camera around with me and shot some shit. I recently went to Bend, OR,…

snow day

The end to 2012 was one of the best in the history of Nelson land. This year in it’s whole, has been both exciting and…


Sunset while at Capital Hill in Seattle. Only there will you find platform stilettos hanging from the power lines.


Something about a lone ferris wheel makes me think creepy.


No matter how many times I walk through the Seattle Center I always seem to find so something interesting to take a picture of.


Golfing at Interbay never looked so good. My swing in the other hand could use some improvement. After hitting too many trees on the course…


This is the photo of the day for June 13th. I feel like i might be hitting a wall with finding photos to take while…

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